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Aseer vidyalaya has crossed a Quarter Century in its service to the Mentally Handicapped. While looking back its way everything is achieved only with the help of time, money, ideas and guidance of various persons.
As we look ahead, we could see so many mentally challenged, who need our help. It is our duty and responsibility to help these people. We solicit your help in cash or kind to maintain this philanthropic service to the unfortunate section of the society. Your help, big or small, cash or kind, has immense value. You may remember them in your special occasions like birthday, marriage day etc…
Let us join together, walk together hand in hand to achieve our goals to help these ‘special people’. Let us make a difference differently to make the disabled differently abled. Giving is caring, caring is service, service is divinity.

Details of the school:-

Aseer Vidyalaya is a day school established with the sole intention to care, train, educate, promote and rehabilitate the mentally challenged children. We strive hard to make the mentally challenged individual so that they should no more be a burden to the parents or society. Most of the children are unable to attend their basic living needs such as toileting, bathing, eating, dressing etc. they need the help of others for such activities throughout their life. The main objective of our training is to make them independent and self-dependent. Apart from basic living skills we impart academic skills and vocational skills.


A term generally used to describe the educational or learning needs of child or Adult with a learning disability. The expression may also be used in winder context to describe the special education need of any child.

"One who is musically gifted"

Smart Class

The school provides academic, Vocational, psychological support to the children. Children’s are assessed on Madras Management Development System and practical ability and put in some categories. The categories are,

  1. Special Education
  2. Physio therapy
  3. Speech therapy
  4. Yoga therapy
  5. Art and craft
  6. Candle Making
  7. Greeting cards
  8. Vocational
  9. Dance and Music