About Us

     Having a baby is the happiest thing in a marriage but not, if the child is in any way less than 100% perfect. And a child, a special child, one of God's own child in other words a Mentally Challenged child. There is no celebration. The Mentally challenged child is an unwanted baby both to the society and to their parents. Parents can never recover from the shock and consider them a burden. Consequently, they withdraw from the society and make no investment on the child.
     Inspired by the pathetic situation of the unattended and underprivileged section of the society, the sisters of the Franciscan Clarist Congregation of Thettiyode, started a school with the sole intention to care, love, train, educate and rehabilitate the Mentally handicapped children, way back in 1991 with 10children and 2 teachers.
     Now the school has more than 65 students with a team of highly motivated and dedicated staff members, including special teachers, physiotherapist, art and craft instructor, Vocational instructor, music and dance instructor and yoga instructor.
     The objective of Aseer Vidyalaya is to impart such training so as to make every child self-reliant and reduce the burden for their parents.      During the time of admission the students are assessed and are put into different classes. The curriculum is individual based and the training is child centered. In general education we follow the same route to attain a different aim under different circumstances. But in special education we follow a different route to attain a different aim under different circumstances.

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